Brisbane – Los Angeles

Hi Caitlin

Yes she has arrived safely and very happy to see us . Very tried but is settling in well had lots of new experience so far. Thanks for everything and I am very happy to recommend you to my friends.


Sydney – Dublin

Hi Caitlin,

Just wanted to let you know that Senna has arrived and is loving her new surrounding, large garden and brilliant weather which we are having here. She arrived amazing well and happy, you would never think she had just been around the world. She was very relaxed and content, in fact the nurse even mentioned how chilled she was especially for her age. Must have been the reiki I did on her before departing.

Thanks heaps for all your help, have already recommended you to a friend moving from Sydney to Ireland.

Take care, Linda & Senna

Brisbane – Tauranga

Hi Emma

A quick mail firstly to say a big thank you for the management and care of our “girls” from beginning to end and subsequent arrival at their temporary home at Papamoa Kennels where they have settled in and already melted the hearts of the kennel staff and made new doggie friends too.  A result that would not be the situation without Aeropets input and diligent care to ensure seamless care during their travels.

The vet at the kennels said you couldn’t tell from their demeanour especially early interaction with the other kennel “guests”   that they had been jetted anywhere more like they’d just arrived from up the local street… what a fabulous endorsement!  What tremendous service!  Although we hope we don’t upsticks again anytime soon… if we do, we certainly know which company will be transferring our “girls”. AeroPets!

Sincere regards Graham & Kim  x
+ Asta & Zeenie (of course)

Melbourne – New Orleans

Hi Emma,

She is all settled!! I was worried about her being tired or lacking energy on her arrival, so was expecting to cradle her the car drive home. I bought her a squeaky toy as a “pick me up” should she need it. But clearly you can see that within minutes of her being out of the crate, it was clear she was extremely well rested, and had been comfortable on her journey.

She now has a massive yard to roam, new neighbourhood to discover and new smells to sniff.
Thanks so much for organising everything, I definitely wouldn’t have mentally or emotionally been able to make this move without your help!!

Thanks Alicia.

Sydney – London

Hi Caitlin,

Sorry for the delay in letting you know that everything went brilliantly with Gaspode! (I got the flu about a day after arriving – moving stress + aeroplanes = prime time to get sick!).

We picked him up ~3pm in the end, they were having a pretty busy day! The people on the ground and in the reception centre were great & apart from being a wee bit shell-shocked, Gaspode has coped very well with the upheaval.

We are currently at my parents place in Cornwall (south west of the UK) before we make our road trip up to north Scotland next week. Have attached a couple of pictures of Gaspode settling in – he has been to the beach, the pub & on many long sunny evening walks

Thank you again for all your help & reassurances in getting Gaspode here safe and sound and with zero issues. We *really* appreciate it!

Antonia, Morgan & Gaspode

Brisbane – Christchurch

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks so much. She arrived safe and well.


Brisbane – Auckland

Thanks Caitlin for all your assistance and for taking good care of Penny.
She has reached Auckland safely and is sleeping in a warm bed tonight with my son.


Brisbane – Auckland

Hi Ida

He’s landed safe and sound happy to see his dad!! Thanks for helping us get our fur baby over to New Zealand safely.


Brisbane – Vancouver

Hi Ida & Amanda

Just wanted to let you know that Link arrive in Vancouver safe and sound. He’s fine now as you can see and being spoiled rotten!

Thank you for your care and professionalism.

Perth – Glasgow

Hi Ida,

We picked Carly up safe and sound! Glad to have her back! Thanks so much for putting up with the carry on we had sorting things out! You’ve been great!


Sydney – Singapore

Hi Ida

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in regards to Mocha.

She reached Singapore safe & sound.

Thank you

Kind Regards


Brisbane – Manchester

Hi Ida

Many thanks for the update and the pictures.. they look happy and calm… very reassuring thank you.

Thank you for all your assistance.. I will definitely recommend aeropets to people.

Ill keep you posted on how they settle in back in the Uk.

Kindest regards


Perth – Dublin

Dear Ida

Bailey has arrived home and is settling into his new home so so well! Thank you so much for all your help and to everyone who helped Bailey along his journey home.

Kindest regards


Perth – Vancouver

Hi Ida. Happy to say Hinto is here safe and sound. He was a bit scared in the warehouse from all the noise but we found a nice park near the airport. Just need to get out of the big city for a good off leash run. Thanks for all your help.

Thanks again

Brisbane – Auckland

Hi Ida

Smooch and Lilly have been cleared and are on their way home with Rolie now. Thank you for your team’s awesome service yet again.

Kind regards
Margaret and Rolie

Karratha – Auckland

Hi Ida

Just wanted to let you know that Pepper is now home and quite content in Kuaotunu.  Thank you again for all your assistance and care for Pepper.

Brisbane – Madrid

Hello Ida

Just letting you know that Billy arrived safely yesterday evening.  Please pass on our thanks to the team for their care and concern and thank you for your assistance over the last few weeks.

Attaching a picture of Billy enjoying the local tapas.

Kind regards

Noreen and Peter

Brisbane – London

Hi Ida,
Brando has arrived safe and sound. He’s adjusting to his new home well.

I just want to thank you and Aeropets for taking care of Brando so well.


Melbourne – Nadi

Hi Ida,

Thank you so much for your company and you for the great services you provided Charlie.
He’s safely arrived and now under quarantine for 7 days. He will be home next Wednesday 6 April.
Visited him at the quarantine cenre and he looks very well.

Thanks Peni

Melbourne – Christchurch

Hi Ida, the girls arrived safely in NZ and in good spirits. Thanks for looking after them.


Sydney – London

Hello Ida

Thank you for a pleasurable service dealing with you sending Patrick to the UK.
I will be recommending you.

Kindest regards Chris

Sydney – Singapore

Hi Ida

Rebel is here all safe and sound (and exhausted!)
Thanks again for all your help – your team has been so so good!

Thanks Michelle

Lismore – Vancouver

Hi Ida,

Scally arrived safely this morning. He was a bit shaky from being confined for so long, but within an hour of being home he’d eaten, snuggled and used the litter tray.  So he seems no worse for wear.

Thanks for all your help,

Sydney – Wellington

Hi Ida,

Thank you so much. Vegas is here in NZ safe and sound and happy to be in his new home. Thanks again for helping with his transport to NZ!

Kind regards,

Brisbane – Auckland

Hi Ida,

Digi is finally safe and sound at home. Thanks so much for your efforts.

Kind regards,

Sydney – London

Hi Ida,

Luna arrived with us a couple of hours ago, as you can see from the picture she has settled in straight away and seems to have had a very stress free journey.

Thank you for all of your help from start to finish!


Bundaberg – Auckland

Hi Ida,

Thank you very much for the photo Gus is home safe and well really happy with the service you provided and will be telling all our friends about you guys.

Thank you


Brisbane – Auckland

Hello Ida

Thank you so much for the care you have taken with Jonty. Yes, he certainly is a very cuddly and loving pet. He arrived safe and sound yesterday and he is now a very happy chappy to be with me again.

Again, many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards

Brisbane – London

Hi Ida,

Max and Ted have arrived save and sound, they didn’t seem too unhappy at all. Thank you for all the help from you and your team. Great work. Very much appreciated. Will definitely recommend you.

Kind Regards

Perth – Oslo

Hi Ida

Pugly is coming home well … Many thanks for a great service.. I have advertisements for you at the Facebook.

Thanks Linda

Brisbane – Uganda

Hi Ida

Just a quick message to let you know that Malia got in fine. She was very happy to get out of her cage but has settled in really well. 

Thank you so much for all your help. You have all been fab.

Xox Megan

Brisbane – Vienna

Dear Ida

Just to let you know that Tinto arrived safely here in Vienna yesterday. He has settled in so quickly and is loving the cold weather.

Thank you for your wonderful service throughout this process, I will definitely recommend Aeropets to anyone looking for this service.

Kind regards

Brisbane – Kuala Lumpur

Dear Ida,

Leo has safely landed and he is now in his quarantine room for 10’days. Thank you for a great service. I will definitely recommend Aeropets to all my acquaintances.


Adelaide – Wellington

Hi Ida,

Thank you for all your help in getting our fur baby here to NZ. We pulled her out of her crate just before we put her in the car, she was quite excited has been nonstop jumping around and licking us. So thank you again for an awesome service we will no doubt use it again if she crosses the Tasman again.

Broderick & Angel

Brisbane – Norfolk Island

Thank you so much for everything, Toohey is now enjoying 6 acres of land with cows to chase. She travelled really well. Your customer service was fantastic and would highly recommend you to anyone travelling with pets. Thank you so much.

Kindest Regards Alice

Brisbane – Los Angeles

Hi Ida,

Zeus and Luthor made it through customs today and we have all arrived back at the apartment. They are a little whinny and needing our attention but that’s to be expected! They are doing well.

Thank you so much for all of your help.


Brisbane – London

Hi Ida

Our beautiful puppies have arrived with their Dalmatian toy.  Thank you again for everything.


Mackay – Auckland

Hi there Ida,

Thanks for the photos!! Just letting you know that we got them yesterday with no issues what so ever. Thank goodness! Thanks so much for organising everything and making the process so straight forward and easy. It was a pleasure to use AeroPets.

Thanks, and all the best,

Brisbane – Wellington

Hi Ida

Just thought I’d let you know the cats arrived safe and well!

They were shy for about 30secs until they saw food. They are already running around climbing shelves and checking the place out. They don’t really seem phased by the trip at all, which is a testament to how well they were looked after!

Thank you so much for all your help, and thank you to your vet and the rest of your team.

Thanks again

Brisbane – Auckland

Evening Ida,

I would like to thank Aeropets and yourself for the extremely safe and no hassle travel recently with our GSP Ruby.  We arrived to collect here in Auckland she was so happy to see us.  Moving countries is hard enough let alone the worry about moving ones pet. Find attached Ruby’s photo, she looks so happy…..
Once again thank you, your service was outstanding. Love Ruby!


Brisbane – Manchester

Hi Ida

Just to let you know that we collected Benny at Manchester as planned- all good. He was fine and very interested in everything going on. He has now had a walk, a wash and sleeping soundly!
Many thanks for everything and all the organisation. As you know it is such a worry when you can’t tell them what is going on but all has gone smoothly and he is fit and well. Now he just has to get used to the colder weather!
Many thanks to you and all at Aeropets

Kind regards

Isabel and Allan

Perth – Palmerston North

Hi Ida,

Zephyr arrived happy as Larry in Palmerston North on Thursday and was very happy to see us. Thank you so much for all your help.


London – Perth

Dear Ida

Thank you so much, Bobby and Maisey arrived on time yesterday. Today they have been enjoying themselves on the beach.
Your service has been excellent! X


Melbourne – Savannah

Hi Ida,

I’ve just arrived home from work to find my two Russian boys exploring our apartment. It feels great to have our entire family back together.
Thanks for getting them here safely for me.



Brisbane – Auckland

Hi Ida

Thanks for your email. Very reassuring to know Sima was in good hands. She is safe and sound and sleeping on her Dad’s lap at the moment.

Thanks for making it so easy. Will recommend you guys to anyone we know who is relocating.

Nui and Scott and Sima

Sydney – Denver

Hi Caitlin

Pumpkin and Diesel arrived safely and are settling in well.  Thank you for all your help during their adventure.


Brisbane – Dubai

Hi Emma

Just letting you know that Timmy has arrived safely in Dubai! Luckily by the time he got here, it wasn’t too hot outside for his transfer to the car etc. The one and only plus side to collecting him at 3am!

A massive thank you to you and Caitlin for helping me get him over here. It was a lengthy process but so incredibly worth it. It still doesn’t feel real!

Thank you again! I will recommend your services!

Kind regards,


Townsville – Port Vila

Hi Emma

We made it to Vanuatu yesterday! We were super happy to see our mum and dad and when Cello heard mum’s voice from behind the barrier she went a little nuts. We’re settling in nicely but we’re still not sure about all these weird and wonderful critters over here though!!

Thank you for all your efforts in helping us get through our customs and quarantine requirements over the past few weeks.

PS…. next time we fly international, tell our parents to spring for first class tickets. We’ve decided we just aren’t “economy flyers”

Banjo, Jasper and Cello.

Melbourne – Mauritius

Dear Emma and Caitlin,

How are you all. Just a quick note to let you know that the little darlings arrived to Mauritius safe and sound. They will remain in quarantine until this Friday. I would like to thank you both for making this go so smoothly. My gratitude also goes to Leanne for keeping up to date since the boys arrived in Perth. I do not have access to mobile as yet as yesterday was a public holiday and I arrived late on Sunday. Please pass on my gratitude to her.

Once again thank you and God bless


Brisbane – Bangalore

Hi Emma

Both reached home safe and happy to be reunited.

Thank you for all the support.


Both Harry and Ollie arrived well and are now sunning themselves and eating like pigs. They certainly were not fazed by any of the international travel. They are now settling into their new home and are getting ready for Christmas. My husband and I would like to thank the team at Aeropets for all your hard work and professionalism. We certainly will be recommending your company to others planning to travel with their pets overseas.

I will send you a pic once we get set up.

Dave and Bec

Hello Kylie.

Max has arrived and I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how impressed I was with your personal dedication to Max. My plans changed several times and you were always happy to re-book all of max’s pet travel requirements. This included going out of your way to get his vaccinations completed within the short time you had. Thanks again you were wonderful.


Dear Kylie,

Thanks you so much for everything you have done for Shiraz, my wife and I. Shiraz arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon, and was very excited to see us both.

Thanks you once again for your help.

Kind regards,

Dorian and Karla

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