Is Flying My Pet Overseas Safe?

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Whether you’re moving overseas with your pet or taking your cat or dog on a holiday, for most people, the main concern is ensuring their furry pal is safe. As a pet owner, your companion is safe should come first, and this means finding out about whether it is actually safe flying a pet overseas. See some advice on pet transport, especially dog transport.

Lower Their Stress Levels

One of the main objectives of flying a pet safely overseas is to minimise its exposure to stressful situations or environments. A non-stop flight means that your pet will be moved a very limited number of times and so it won’t have to continually adjust to new surroundings. Keep in mind that not all pets are in the right condition to travel, which is one of the reasons your cat or dog should receive a full check up before they fly. Some destinations are also not direct.

Another good tip that we recommend to our clients is placing a piece of your clothing into the crate with the animal. The smell of something familiar often helps to relax and should reduce their levels of stress.

Preparing the Animal for the Flight
Many people assume that they can use sedatives to ensure their animals are calm. This is not what we recommend and it is best to consult with your Vet beforehand to ensure it is the best option your pet.

Always give them a high carb meal and a lot of water the day before the flight. Keep in mind that feeding the animal within four hours of their flight could end up increasing the likelihood of nausea arising during the flight and the chance of them messing the crate.

Aeropets can assist choosing a well-ventilated crate and ensuring there is only one animal per container. A great way to ensure that a pet stays cool is by timing the flights properly, early morning flights tend to be the best option.

Aeropets® is a pet transportation company that prides itself on the quality service that it provides to those looking to relocate without the stress that is usually associated with a big move. While offering reliable pet travel advice and quality customer service, every pet is a priority to the team at Aeropets.

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