International Pet Transport

AeroPets® Animal Transport simplifies the process of relocating your pet overseas so you can undertake your travel stress-free.

When it comes to international pet transport, there are a range of quarantine, government, airline and air travel regulations and requirements that need to be met before your pet can travel. Our team are experienced in this industry and can help you through all of the regulations to ensure that your pet travel arrangements can be made seamlessly.

We can provide a full service including organising:

  • Collection from your residence
  • Import Permits
  • Blood tests
  • Veterinary checks
  • Rabies Vaccinations / Microchipping
  • IATA approved International Travel Crates
  • All Flight Bookings
  • Government Health Certificates / Approvals
  • Customs
  • Clearance at destination
  • Delivery to residence at destination.

Or, if you prefer, you can complete some of these items to suit your budget requirements.

Pet Imports

The Aeropets® team are at your service to organise the full importation of your pet into Australia. Our friendly consultants provide expert travel advice and advise on specific country requirements for entry into Australia and the required vetting and time preparation for each specific country.

We work with you one on one to assist with:

  • Providing a detailed schedule for required treatments, vaccinations and blood test dates
  • Arranging the required import permit into Australia
  • Scheduling Quarantine in Australia (mandatory Australian requirement)
  • Organising an airline-approved travel container for the journey from your country
  • Pick up from overseas country residence (if required) for delivery to the airline or required vet appointments
  • Veterinary checks
  • Government approvals
  • Notification of your pet’s safe arrival into quarantine
  • Arranging and facilitating your pet’s further journey within Australia after importation
  • Our comprehensive network of International Pet Transport Specialists.

Our service ensures this process is smooth, seamless and hassle-free. Contact us today to find out how we can help you relocate your pet overseas.

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