Cat Transport

AeroPets are specialists in Cat Transport. Whether you need international or interstate pet transport services, our expert cat movers can organise the entire journey. Contact our cat transport company today to find out how we can make your feline friend’s relocation a smooth, stress-free and simple process.

When looking to organise transport for your beloved family cat, it can be hard to know where to begin, let alone complex and stressful. Not only do you want your furry friend to be safely transported, but you want them to have as comfortable a trip as possible. Our cat transport services are structured around the best interest of the animals, so pet owners across Australia can relax knowing their fur babies are in good hands.

Our friendly and experienced team will put your mind at ease when organising cat transport for you at all major airports, guiding you through the many airport regulations, requirements and transit protocols in airports throughout Australia and internationally. At all times, our team’s number one priority is the comfort and well-being of your cat.

AeroPets can provide a stay-dry fleece mat for your cat’s transport. The dry mat absorbs both liquids and odours so your cat will travel comfortably throughout the flight. Pet mats can absorb up to 2 litres of liquids and are available for all sizes of plastic and wooden containers.

The AeroPets Cat Transport Team provides assistance with:

  • Selecting the most appropriate travel container (IATA Airline Approved) and Skymat for maximum comfort during your cat’s journey
  • Arranging door-to-door service in our AeroPets modern air-conditioned vehicle, from residence to residence or simply airport to airport depending on your needs
  • Arranging the most direct route for your cat to take - for international travel, we generally select the shorter and most direct flights
  • Organising any cat boarding or accommodation needed before or after their trip
  • Any questions or concerns you have at any point during the process.

Interstate and international cat transport

At AeroPets, we are committed to making your cat’s transport a positive experience. Whether you’re moving to another state or a new country, our pet transport services are designed to cater to the unique needs of your furry companions, ensuring they receive the same love and care they deserve, no matter the distance.

Interstate travel

Moving to a new state can be both exciting and challenging, especially for your pets. Our interstate pet travel services are designed to simplify the process for you and your four-legged friend. Our team of experienced pet travel professionals will work closely with you to create a personalised plan that fits your schedule and meets your cat’s individual requirements.

We prioritise your cat’s well-being during these journeys, ensuring they’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the trip. With our door-to-door or airport-to-airport transportation, we take care of every detail to make the transition smooth and stress-free for your furry friend.

International travel

Starting a new adventure with your four-legged family member overseas requires careful planning. Our international cat travel services cater to the intricacies of global travel, making the process simple and efficient. Navigating international pet travel regulations can be daunting, but our experienced team will guide you through every step. From obtaining the necessary import permits and meeting vaccination requirements to coordinating flights and ensuring proper quarantine arrangements, we handle it all at AeroPets.

Why choose AeroPets for cat transport?

Our caring team understands that your pets aren’t just animals – they’re family members. We share your passion for ensuring their safety, comfort, and happiness during their travels. When you travel with us, you’re choosing a cat transport company that goes above and beyond to make every journey a memorable and stress-free experience for both you and your furry companions.

We offer a seamless airport-to-airport or door-to-door service that takes care of every aspect of your pet’s travel. From initial planning to final delivery, we handle logistics, transportation, customs clearance, and any necessary quarantine arrangements.

Get in touch with our experienced team today to start your pet’s travel journey.

Cat Transport FAQs

What is the process for cat transport?

Pet transport can initially seem like an overwhelming and confusing process. Luckily, with an AeroPets pet travel consultant, transporting your furry family member has never been so simple.

Our process for cat transport includes:

  1. Get in touch with us to discuss your cat’s travel needs. From here, we’ll be able to help put a plan in place for your fur baby.
  2. Check your cat’s eligibility. For international and interstate pet travel, you’ll need to make sure your cat meets the destination’s entry requirements. For international travel, you might need to look into the destination country’s import requirements also.
  3. Ensure your pet’s microchip and identification details are up to date.
  4. Make sure your cat has had all the required vaccinations, and grab a health certificate from your vet to confirm your cat is fit for travel.
  5. For international travel, you need to organise an import permit or entry approval to bring your cat in depending on what country you’re travelling to.
  6. Check you have an appropriate travel container. Your cat should be able to stand, turn around, and lay down comfortably, however containers with extra space are not ideal for travel in case of turbulence.
  7. Get your cat familiar and comfortable with their container. Start by leaving the door open with treats inside, encouraging and praising them when they go inside. Build up this time frame for a few minutes to a few hours. Having a positive association with the container before travel will help reduce stress later on.

At AeroPets, we help organise all of the above and provide expert pet travel advice to help with any queries you may have.

How do I know my cat will be safe during their journey?

Your cat’s safety is our top priority. We partner with well-known, safe airlines Virgin Australia and Qantas, as well as secure quarantine facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your cat. Our travel containers meet international standards for space and ventilation, ensuring your pet’s well-being throughout the trip.

How early should I start planning my cat transport?

Planning in advance is crucial, especially for international pet transport. We recommend starting the process at least 4-6 months before your intended travel date. Some countries may have longer quarantine or preparation requirements.

What happens if there are delays in my cat’s travel plan?

While we strive to ensure everything goes smoothly, unforeseen circumstances can occur during cat transport. Rest assured that we have contingency plans in place to address any potential delays and keep you informed throughout the process.

What if my cat has medical needs or dietary requirements?

We understand that every pet is unique. Our experienced staff will work closely with you and your vet to accommodate any special medical needs or dietary preferences your cat may have during the journey.

What other pet transport work do you do?

Aside from cats, we transport dogs, birds, lizards, mice, rabbits, goats, snakes, and more! Get in touch with us for a quote and to see how we can assist you in your pet’s travels.

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