Quarantine and Customs

AeroPets are professional pet transports with the required expertise to safely and comfortably transport your pet adhering to the various country and quarantine requirements.

At AeroPets we understand that pets are part of the family and the most precious cargo to relocate when moving internationally. Our dedicated pet travel consultants provide careful consideration and planning when arranging international animal transportation.

All international destinations have strict rules surrounding the entry of pets. In most cases, travel preparations including veterinary treatments or obtaining permits may need to start months before departure. There are also various quarantine and airline protocols which need to be followed carefully before departure and upon arrival at any international port. The team at AeroPets use our experience to provide you with a travel itinerary that suits you and the needs of your pet so that your beloved four legged friends arrive at their destination safe and happy.

Preparing your pets for travel to Australia can be a lengthy and confusing process to adhere to the Australian government strict requirements on importing a pet to Australia. Our pet relocation specialists know the requirements and will streamline the process for you.

Under the current import conditions pets coming from countries other than New Zealand, Norfolk Island or Cocos Island are required to spend 10 days in post entry quarantine. During the quarantine period departmental staff of the Department of Agriculture provide the care your animal needs, while managing the administrative and biosecurity requirements that prepare your pet for release. There are some countries that do not allow direct entry of pets into Australia (non-approved countries), these pets must spend time in an approved country before they will be eligible to return to Australia.

Mickleham quarantine station in Australia is located in Melbourne. AeroPets can arrange collection of your beloved pet from Mickleham quarantine and either deliver them locally within Victoria or arrange their flight to anywhere else in Australia.

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