Our Partners

AeroPets partners with several companies to co-ordinate a smooth, holistic service.


AeroPets is a corporate sponsor of the RSPCA WA, and provides complimentary
travel for animals in need. Each month, AeroPets flies dozens of homeless 
dogs and cats from regional areas of Australia into animal shelters. It is there 
where they gain access to veterinary treatment and rehoming services, giving 
them the ability to join loving forever families and live happy lives.


International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA )

AeroPets is a proud member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), founded to facilitate professional, competent and caring pet transport relocation services throughout the world. IPATA requires all members to be registered with the required organisations within their country and adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the Live Animals Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA)

AeroPets is a proud member of the Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA) which aims to create an environment of best practice principles and ongoing learning for improved technology and systems in the pet industry. The Pet Industry Association requires exacting standards from its members to ensure the welfare of animals and promote responsible pet ownership, and liaises with governments, animal welfare agencies, as well as pet and animal groups nationally and internationally to ensure that animals are being treated fairly and ethically.


Department of Agriculture

AeroPets liaise with the Department of Agriculture who provide advice and
assistance to exporters on the following:

  • Import conditions of destination countries
  • Australian export legislation requirements
  • Export documentation, including export permits and health certificates
  • Department of Agriculture quality assurance arrangements
  • Premises registration requirements
  • Inspection procedures.




Government Approved Vets

AeroPets work regularly with Australia’s Government Approved Vets who assist with any of the vetting requirements for pets to enter a country for international pet transport. They also assist with general vaccinations for boarding, micro-chipping and pet health.


Airline Partners

Virgin Australia

Toll Air Express (Virgin)

Qantas International

Air New Zealand

Australian Air Express (Qantas)

Thai Airways

Emirates Airlines

Cathay Pacific

British Airways

Air Canada

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